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persuasive essay topics list

persuasive essay topics list

How to choose a persuasive essaay topics?
First ask yourself, what is the purpose of writing?
                 See, this is very simple but can be daunting as you cannot answer yourself that you are writing persuasive essays because you have been assigned to. No! You will have to determine what you want to write in your essay.  you can prove a point to the readers or are you writing to inform readers about language? If you successfully determine the purpose of persuasive essay than you should make sure the topic of persuasive essay should fit in the purpose.
     There are a lot of different persuasive writing topics that have been composed before. Among all the topics, the most common are smoking, abortion, health, politics and rights of women.
Persuasive writing topics should not only be limited to these. You can write just about any topic you want. Remember to do extensive research about the subject. Opinions based on experience, supported by facts, will have a very effective outcome.
If you are tasked to create your own persuasive writing topics and you need to write about it, then it can be quite difficult especially if you are not inclined to writing. The same goes to people who are not that opinionated. So how do you choose your persuasive writing topics?
The first thing you need to consider when choosing for a topic is whether it is interesting or not. This does not pertain to the interest of your possible readers, but of your interest. You need to choose a topic that sparks interest in you. How will you be able to persuade a reader if you can't even persuade yourself with the specific topic?
Second, before you choose the topic, you need to reflect on what the purpose of your persuasive article is. You need to have an objective to make it easier to choose your topic.
When you already have a list of your potential persuasive writing topics, you can now ask the opinions of other people. Through this, you can find out which of your topics can also spark the interests of other people.

   For example; if you want to make your reader educate about different languages than your topic could be something like," Peek into the various aspect of language". 
Hence, read the above told essay topic selection criteria that will help you in building your persuasive essay easily and effectually. 

persuasive essay topic list

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